Abandoned Rubber Guy

Here’s an old Picture I found in my Latex Biker Suit. Its not the clearest imagine because i had to screenshot it.

Here’s the story

I along with my friend went to an abandoned Brick mill i was once Employed at on a Wednesday afternoon. I took a few items with me but this was the main Item of Latex i planned to wear.

When we got there and started to look around it resembled a Doomsday Scenario …. very creepy . Almost as if time had just stopped there.

Once we’d look around and we got settled in it was time for me to Latex up. So i not so elegantly got this suit on with some difficulty i must say. Once in we went from place to place on the site doing the shots as planned. and i must say wearing a full Latex suit outside in the elements , interacting with normality is incredibly satisfying and liberating.

Once we had done half a dozen shots and got out into the open we saw a car coming towards us from a dirty road ahead. I panicked ! nervous about my attire and jumped behind some Wooden Pallets to undress into regular clothes as fast as possible. Whilst behind the Pallet the Car past me by , whilst im fully naked between clothing. Thankfully i was well hidden ! The driver stopped my friend to tell her it was Private Property and we had to leave. At this point I’m fully dressed appearing out of no where whilst claiming i just went to the toilet. I got out of the suit much faster than i got into it 😉


Author: TheRubberAlliance

Hi There :) Welcome to my Rock-in Blog , This blog is you guessed it about LATEX . I have always been interested in latex clothing "Maybe Obsessed" but hey its cool unique and a style of its own. Over the years latex has become more and more mainstream and very much in the public eye mostly in Ladies Fashion though. Don't get me wrong this is Rocking but what about us guys ? well that's where I come in . This blog will take you on a journey as I take Latex to the streets to show how cool Men's Latex can be in the casual day to day life we spend most of our days . You will also Find Quotes & Thoughts , Subculture and Alternative, Music and more Rock-in-Rubber Peace

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Rubber Guy”

  1. Great photo and story. I can certainly relate to wanting to hide rather than allowing others to see us wearing and enjoying our fetish wear. Most of the time, I find I’m a lot more uptight about it than other people are. I may garner a few stares, questions, or maybe even an occasional ignorant comment, but I try to remember not to worry so much about what other people think. As long as I’m happy and not doing anything that could hurt someone else, there’s no harm.


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