About Me

Born in the early 1970’s I’m old enough to know better but silly enough to choose not to.

My mutual interests with @rockinrubber are our love of music and our passion for shiny clothing. Latex and PVC are our mutual loves.

When I’m not dressed in latex I’m playing bass, riding my cycle (I have a soft spot for strange and unusual cycles) or working as an electrical engineer.

I’m also a blogger – my personal blog has been operating for over 16 years.

As for my music; well I’m a huge fan of progressive rock and metal music.

My favourite bands are IQ, Sonata Arctica, ELO, Jadis, Pendragon & Turisas, although I’m very eclectic and will often listen to The Beach Boys, Kate Bush, The Divine Comedy, Smith & Burrows, in fact – anything that takes my fancy!

My favourite album ever is ironically called Ever and is by IQ.

Photos of Metalatex