What’s your fetish?

Most of you are here because two guys with a mutual love of shiny clothes is has piqued your interest – that’s pretty obvious. But what is your fetish? We’d love to know.

Personally I’ve got black jeans in latex (left), PVC (middle) and leather (right). Each has it’s own benefits and flaws – latex is reasonably comfortable but does not breathe at all and so is totally unsuitable for this really hot weather we’re experiencing at the moment.

PVC is slightly more breathable but has the major flaw that it’s quite noisy to wear.

Leather on the other hand is very easy to wear, but doesn’t have the shine of PVC or latex.

What’s your favourite? Please comment below.

Latex on the BMX

Both Dan and I are big cycle fans. I’ve got a few bikes; mostly folding bikes, but I’m a big fan of BMX bikes. This is my Tall Order Ramp BMX.

Normally I’d pop a wheelie or a few bunny hops, but not in £150 of latex jeans! The slightest fall could cause untold damage to them.