How much leather is too much leather?

I recently went to a friend’s birthday party in my leather suit. Fabric shirt and tie, but the suit was all leather.

I say this because recently I’ve been sent some leather shirts. Three to be precise. Now if I were to wear the leather suit, shirt, tie, gloves, hat etc – would this be too much leather? I’d be interested to know your thoughts… Would you wear total leather out and about?

Shine on you crazy diamond.

From being a really young kid I was always interested in shiny fabrics and materials. Leather particularly fascinated me and as a young teen I aspired to own a pair of leather trousers.

My parents didn’t have much money and so buying such an item was both brochure prohibitively expensive; and as my mum always said “silly” because I was growing very quickly and an expensive pair of leathers would soon no longer fit me.

She was right.

Skip on a few years and I started earning my own salary. I was also fully grown (apart from the obvious weight issues I carried for a number of years, and to an extent still carry) and I finally got myself into some leather. Latex and PVC both came much later, but since my late teens I’ve been wearing leather; and in public I can date exactly when I came out as a leather wearer.

But that’s for another story.